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- Made to measure estate agency -

Professional in property transactions since 1990 Christine Girard shares her passion for this profession with you and will accompany you throughout your project of buying or selling a property in the centre of Bordeaux or on the right bank of Bordeaux.

 Buying a property is a real, life time project, Christine Girard will help you find the rare pearl that is for you.

“Attentive to the needs of my clients, I essentially offer properties that have environmental quality and wellness”.

At Prestige Home, the properties that are presented to you are at the market price, you will have only one interlocator who will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your property transaction..

There will be no time wasting visits but a permanent search for the good match between the supply and demand in accordance with your expectations.

Concerned with finding “THE” property that suits you, Prestige Home relies on a solid network of partners who share the same ethics and deonthology and the same quality of advice adapted to each person's requirements.

A property is one of the key elements of personal well being, individual and with family so only choose your favourite.


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